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"Any good coach can make gains within an athlete’s numbers etc, but it takes a decade in the professional ranks and an in depth understanding of how to win bike races, to really make the difference between a cyclist and a racer. The team have helped me make huge improvements on the physical side and my understanding of how to race a pro race has grown phenomenally, all from talking and riding with Pete and James.


The benefits of being able to ride with your coach are huge, your pedal stroke efficiency, body posture and bunch positioning within a chain gang, can all be called up on by someone who really knows the difference it makes within a race."


Since working with us, Zeb has progressed from a good local 3rd cat to winning at the highest level in the UK at the Manx Telecom International Stage race and appearing in the break at the Tour of Britain and other UCI stage races. His commitment and belief in the training and advice we have given him has allowed him to progress at an incredible rate.


I’d previously only used online plans and training apps to try and improve my cycling, but having worked with Pete it made me realise how specific 1-2-1 coaching plans can be in helping to iron out any weaker parts of my cycling as well as improving the bits that were good. 
After a quick discussion about my goals a plan was drawn up to address any issues.
The plans were put in an easy to follow calendar via TrainingPeaks and we were off!
It took no time at all to see improvements in my form and the structure was excellent. By doing a similar volume of training to what I’d been using previously, I felt a much stronger and efficient rider.
Pete was always on hand to answer queries that I had and could tailor plans to meet my needs as I required.


He’s a great guy, very approachable and can also relay his own ‘pro’ experiences into the things you are going through as an amateur, offering great guidance.I’ve worked with him for a year and have signed up with him again to get me into even better shape for next season.


I've been working with Peter now nearly two years, getting in cycling a few years ago I always wanted to get fitter and faster, but I thought racing would probably be beyond me as I work long hours and have limited time to train.

I had seen lots of information on the internet and to be honest couldn’t work out what really to do, to improve!

A mate of mine from our cycling club pointed me in Peter’s direction for help training and race guidance, well I have to say it was the best investment I’ve made to date, and there has been a few of those.

Peter has taken all the guess work out of the training for me, custom tailored plans to suit me around my work and family commitments, changing my training sessions, some times at very short notice, the training sessions are a wide variety so I don’t get bored of them.

On a performance basis I’ve made in my opinion a massive improvement going from thinking of riding the odd club race to now competing every weekend at open races, and moving up from A4 to A3, taking 2nd in our clubs GP, I’ve also improved my FTP by 20% from my first ever test.

I would highly recommend peter to anyone and am glad to be working with Peter in my preparation for the 2019 season.

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